The eye of the animal, whether it is human, dog, cat or horse, is not limited for seeing the outside world; iridology technicians use it as a window to see images within the body. It is a form of communication between the iridologist and the client. This science is used as a nutritional guide that can assist all animals toward a higher level of health.

The mission of this website is to give you information and educational choices that will make a difference in the health of you and your animals.

Equine Health

by Mercedes Colburn ND, PhD
Through The Eye International
& Animal Iridology Center

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Our Canine Feline book is available. This book provides photos used in research for dogs and cats and describes the importance of the systems you will be seeing in their eyes. There are horse photos to show how each animal is saying the same thing but showing it differently in the eyes.

Our Equine Iridology book is also available. This book has all the original photographs but now, thanks to the graphic artistry of Jill Tays, each of the photographs has been color coded for easier understanding. The book has side notes in each chapter plus several relevant articles. After each chapter there is a synopsis with questions describing the most important part of the chapter. The beautiful photography that starts each chapter is done by our favorite photographer, Suzan Dowell-Glaser. She's marvelous!! The book cover is done by award winning artist, Lesley Harrison. The painting that we chose for the cover is called “The Blue Halter”. The eye of this horse says it all.

The information on this website is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to take the place of appropriate veterinary medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The author assumes no responsibility if you prescribe for your horse without your veterinarian's approval.

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